Our Lady of Mount Carmel: The Church

What came first, the chicken or the egg? In this case, the chicken is Mt. Carmel Liquor Store and the egg is Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the church. Believe it or not, the church came first in 1906 and the liquor store was named to commemorate the parish. From now on, for brevity, when I say “Mt. Carmel,” please assume that I’m talking about … Continue reading Our Lady of Mount Carmel: The Church

Keen’s Steakhouse: a 17th Century Treasure

This past weekend I ventured downtown to meet my family at Keen’s Steakhouse to celebrate my dad’s birthday. This steakhouse, founded in 1885, sits in Herald Square. Unlike today, Herold Square was not always a over-crowded area that is generally avoided by New Yorkers alike. It was once a home to New York City’s booming theatre district. Keen’s Chophouse was founded by Theatre Producer Albert … Continue reading Keen’s Steakhouse: a 17th Century Treasure

Theodore Roosevelt High School

You know the giant block-long building on Fordham Road that has been under construction for what seems like the full four years some of us have been at Fordham? The one with the huge copper copula and scaffolding that blocks us from the rain walking back from Metro North? That is actually Theodore Roosevelt Educational Campus – once Called Theodore Roosevelt High School – one … Continue reading Theodore Roosevelt High School

Arthur Avenue Retail Market: Past and Present

Believe it or not, Arthur Avenue Retail Market wasn’t always home to Karaoke Tuesdays and Bronx Beer Hall or actually any vendors for that matter. Prior to it’s existence, you could find all of the vendors you needed at their pushcarts along the street. Pushcarts are a huge part of New York City’s history as they provided an income for the masses of impoverished immigrants … Continue reading Arthur Avenue Retail Market: Past and Present