Casino De Monte Carlo

For spring break my friends and I did what every college kid does and went to London and the South of France. For the next few blog posts I will be featuring some of the beautiful and cool buildings that I came across throughout my travels.


The Casino De Monte Carlo also happens to be the hotel where Selena Gomez stays in the movieĀ Monte Carlo.

As for history, the casino opened in 1863 as a way to save the House of Grimaldi (Monaco’s royal family) from bankruptcy. After the neighboring towns of Menton and Roquebrun broke off from Monaco’s rule, the family saw a significant decrease in tax revenue. Thus, Princess Caroline proposed the idea of a casino and resort to help the family name remain as it was.

The casino itself features Beaux-Arts and Napoleon III architectural elements. The architect of the casino was Charles Garnier, who also designed the Palais Garnier, Paris Opera Ballet, and the Nice Observatory.

The interior of the casino features plenty of marble, friezes, columns, gold leaf, and anything else that you can think of that is considered fancy.

Check out the gallery below to see some of the other pictures I took of the interior and exterior of the casino.

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