The General Electric Building: 570 Lexington Avenue

One day not too long ago I took a different route to work than usual. I was walking in the 50’s on Lexington Avenue. For those familiar with the area, you will know what I mean when I say this area is Art Deco heaven.


570 Lexington struck me in particular. It is a massive brick structure with key Art Deco details. The bricks are not laid in your average pattern. They jut out to form geometric designs along the exterior and are accompanied by copper and silver carvings above the windows and main door.

Upon further research, 570 Lexington is known as the General Electric Building. The building was actually built being called the RCA building, later to be named the General Electric Building when RCA moved to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, and then again changed to the Comcast Building.

It has a 50-floor gothic tower with Art-Deco lightning bolts shooting up the sides to symbolize the power of electricity. The crown of the building has an elaborate design to represent radio waves and lightning bolts and is lit from within at night to show the distinctive design.

Here are some pictures that I captured from the street:

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